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 Weight loss and Hypnotherapy

 Diets do not work; weight loss, diets are short term solutions which are notoriously linked to misery, feeling of deprivation, embarrassing ‘weigh-ins’ and feelings of long term guilt.

When people tell me they are buying into another faddy weight loss diet, I ask them, are you prepared to do it for the rest of your life? I’m yet to find someone who says yes to this question. Invariably as soon as you come off the diet, you return to your old eating patterns and weight. Weight loss diets won’t change how you think about food; weight loss diets do not resolve the internal conflict and feelings of lack of willpower.

I have been helping people change their relationship with food for over 8yrs now.  This is a subject I am particularly passionate about, I really do understand the complexity of problematic relationships with food and how soul destroying the vicious cycle of weight loss is.

If you really want to lose weight, enjoy the process and feel happy from within, what you need to change is, the way you think about food? Do you want to end the constant battle with weight? Hypnotherapy and NLP, can not only help you change the way you think about food, and help you lose weight for life, and finally, and the constant need to nibble and feel in control. The truth is that you can. There is an overwhelming amount of research, which clearly shows that dieting has a 95% failure rate.

Can you identify with the following:

You will benefit from my ‘lose weight for life’ approach if you agree with any of the following statements:

    You have cravings or binge on certain foods, especially sweet food or carbohydrate.
    You find it hard to feel motivated.
    You feel that your body is fat and looks unattractive.
    You have low self-esteem and lack confidence.
    You still want and hope to lose weight but just keep putting the weight back on.
    You are an expert on diets, read every book, done every diet and still struggling to lose weight or get rid of those last few pounds
    You feel stuck, wondering what else you can do and feel doomed.
    You spend a lot of time thinking about food.
    You feel as though food talks to you and controls you

How will I lose weight with hypnotherapy?

You may be thinking, how can hypnotherapy and NLP, help me lose weight?  It’s a good question and one that many are considering with hypnotherapy and NLP for weight loss is increasing in popularity.  What I find fascinating is that weight is only a problem for two categories of being: the most intelligent species on the earth (that's us!) and the animals we domesticate? 40% of UK citizens are now classed as overweight, 99.99% of the other creatures on this planet, providing their food is available, eat as much as they want, whenever they want and are never overweight.


Why is it that other creatures on this earth are not prone to that never-ending cycle of overeating and dieting? The reason for this bizarre phenomenon is simple other creatures on this earth do not eat emotionally. Many people are using food to manage their emotions, without being aware of it. Typical examples bored, frustrated, being angry or afraid, feeling “not good enough”


Paul McKenna in his  “I can make you thin” campaign changed the lives of thousands of people’s life’s who did once suffer from weight issues. His popularity and media success has lead to many researching the effectiveness of Hypnotherapy and NLP in weight loss, only to find that it really works, sceptics included.

 I use NLP and Hypnotherapy to help people change quickly. I have studied weight-related issues for many years; I have worked with thousands of people and thoroughly enjoy the pleasure of seeing many people, regain control, lose weight and to keep it off for life.

Hypnosis, NLP, Timeline Therapy and other powerful modern psychological techniques, used within this ‘lose weight for life’ program are ways of bypassing the conscious mind to access your unconscious mind, where all of your automatic behaviours and habits exist. Hypnotherapy allows you to create new behaviours, thoughts and beliefs which easily allow you to transform into your ideal size and shape. One of the things which many past clients have found fascinating about this approach is that they can enjoy eating, have a social life, and lose weight without feeling deprived whilst knowing they are in control.

How it works

Years of trying different diets, the constant fight with food and your body, is a fast track to low self-esteem and feeling out of control. Being happy with your body is about being happy with yourself. I understand this and will help you change.

As a result of engaging in hypnosis for weight loss,  

we will explore how and why you are having difficulty with your current relationship with food.

You will learn and develop a greater understanding of how changing your relationship with yourself can help you, eliminate endless internal conflict. This means ending the frustration and guilt, that you feel when you know what you ‘should do’ ‘shouldn’t do’ 'ought' to do, but 'just can't do it'

Over a course of typically between four to six sessions, you will be encouraged and fully supported, as you develop and maintain, a healthy new relationship and attitude towards food and eating.  More importantly, you will develop a healthy and kind relationship towards yourself. You will discover new and interesting ways to re-establish your body's natural weight. You will learn, that you are in control, as you let go of the old habits and the rules of harsh weight loss diet regimes.

From the first session, your confidence and self-esteem will increase, as you begin to establish wonderful new habits and attitudes towards food and yourself.  You will discover a way of eating and responding to the needs of your body which work for you, creating your own rules.  You will incorporate, these new and simple ways of responding to the needs of your mind and body, allowing your body to naturally begin to lose weight.

Change the way you think about food is the route to long term weight loss. 


Just imagine for a moment you are:

• Being in control of your eating.
• Not thinking about food all the time
• Liking yourself
• Just eating when you're hungry and stopping when you are full
• Eating because you're hungry not because you're emotional.
• Looking in the mirror and like what you see in the mirror
• Feeling really good in your body and mind
• Eating intuitively
• Eating healthy life-giving food and enjoying it
• Hearing compliments and congratulations on the new you and accepting them as true Hypnotherapy, Hypnosis and NLP offer long term solutions which incorporate happiness. The ‘lose weight for life’ program will focus on:
• Enhancing your understanding and control over your Mind and body
• Learn techniques which give you control over the impulse to overeat
• Develop an awareness and understanding of Psychological and Physiological eating
• Increasing a positive mindset which is constructive to your daily routine
• Changing your relationship toward food & your relationship towards YOU
• Supercharging your metabolism and putting you in control of it
• Understanding the differences between conscious and unconscious eating
• Increasing your confidence and self-esteem.
• Providing you with a formula to find the motivation to exercise easy and effortless
• How to be mindful and conscious of what you eat and when to stop
• building positive and empowering beliefs about yourself and your relationship with food

You will learn,  how to change your relationship with food with simple yet effective techniques. This is an exciting, liberating life-changing program. The sessions are structured and timed according to your specific needs. You will be expected to complete tasks before the first session and during the program.  The core elements of the program will focus on creating a healthy relationship with food that works for you, but more importantly, we focus on an area where diets and many therapists fail to address is your relationship with YOU.

All sessions are strictly confidential and sessions are always conducted one-to-one. There is no 'off-the-shelf' system - everything is about you as an individual. This experience will take you in a direction of success and feeling good from within.



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